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My name is Celeste Hope and I am a wellness coach: Pilates expert, trainer, natural foods chef, Reiki master, and healer.  My personal wellness journey started when I was a kid. Despite being born with aortic insufficiency and having suffered other traumas to my lungs, I always loved exercise, muscles, athletic performance, and healthy eating.  I was a professional dancer into my 20s, studied and competed in Tae Kwon Do, worked out heavy and became a trainer at the gym, and learned to have a love/hate relationship with running.  During my late 20s after leaving a prestigious job at New York’s premier investment bank, I worked as a personal trainer and covered Yoga and Pilates classes at the gym when necessary.  With nothing more than the knowledge from my at home practices of yoga and Pilates and my understanding of the body and it’s best mechanics, I applied what I knew and became a sought after teacher in the gym.  Because I brought in clients and got results, the gym agreed to send me for comprehensive Pilates training and personal training instruction to become an expert trainer. That was the start of my PIlates journey that turned into a Private practice for the past 20 years. I was later diagnosed with lupus (undifferentiated connective tissue disease). I determined to reverse the disease in my body naturally and through dietary changes and reiki healing, and with my other healthy lifestyle habits was able to put the lupus in complete remission. I became a reiki master over a number of years, and a natural foods chef, studying at the former legendary Natural Gourmet Institute.

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Reiki is an ancient healing art integrating mind, body, and spirit.  “Rei Ki” means “universal life energy”.

Reiki can be used for relaxation and is a form of physical, mental and spiritual healing.  Reiki accelerates the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  In Reiki therapy the “energy” is channelled through the therapist’s hands, allowing the client to relax deeply and enabling the body, mind, and spirit to release pain and stress.

There is no belief system attached to Reiki.  Reiki isn't a religion.  It faciliates healing wherever healing is needed and wanted.  It alleviates pain, whether is is the result of injury or illness and releases stress whatever the cause.  Reiki supports and complements all forms of treatment both orthodox and complementary.  It's also used successfully to enhance medical interventions, i.e. before and after surgery. Chronic illness can become more manageable with regular treatments, and many people with terminal illness find reconciliation and comfort through Reiki.


Clients remain fully clothed for the treatment and there is no manipulation or discomfort.  Generally a course of 3 – 6 treatments is needed depending on the severity of the symptoms and how long they have been present.  Each treatment is on average 45 minutes.


Celeste, as a Reiki Master Level practitioner and teacher, has a responsibility to help you find your Light, be your Light, and Live your light.  We forget that we are all able to access and are entitled to health, happpiness, peace, joy, and love.  It is our responsibility to ourselves.  Through self learning, acceptance, and love, we are better able to be healed and better able to engage with others and the world around us.


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Celeste specializes in “perceptive movement analysis.” With her unique ability to analyze how her clients move (or don’t move) through visual and tactile measures, she's been successful in changing posture and body shape, post-rehabilitative recovery, and overall wellbeing and health improvements. It can’t be denied that the improvements come from the genius method of Joseph Pilates' body Contrology. Celeste has been teaching since 1999 and calls her work the Integrated Classical Pilates Method (ICPM). The work is defined by the classical vocabulary with additional emphasis from contemporary methodologies.  Celeste teaches both nationally and internationally and is available for mentoring, workshops, and intensive trainings with all allied professionals and movement educators.



All of the many kinds of meditation that have developed over the years can be placed under one of two umbrellas: mindfulness and awareness.  What is mindfulness meditation? It is essentially training in being present here and now by acknowledging the thoughts and emotions that arise in the mind without judging them, and by allowing them to pass.  You might think that to be mindful means to concentrate really hard on something, but actually the practice of mindfulness meditation is more about noticing and relaxing: it's about letting go.  How do you actually do mindfulness meditation? Usually you would sit in a posture that helps you focus on a meditation object, such as your breath or physical sensations, then simply watch what's going on for however long you want to meditate: watching, noticing, and letting go of thoughts that might distract you away from staying with the breath or physical sensations.

Awareness meditation is a bit more active.  Once you've learned to steady the mind through mindfulness, you might use that stability to take a close and direct look at how the mind functions. There are specific instructions for both forms of meditation that can help take the guesswork out of yoru practice.

For a progressive series of courses to train you gradually through mindfulness and awareness practice, we recommend you purchase Celeste's Meditation Complete Package for $49.99. 

For greater success and for fulfillment in all aspects of your life, people come to

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Pilates for Youth and Youth Exercise Training

 Celeste specializes in teaching Pilates for the youth population –  children 5 – 12 and adolescents 13- 18. She believes that the principles that influenced the protocols for teaching Pilates to this population are the foundation for all exercise and sporting practice for Youth.  The guidelines and protocols for Youth Pilates are based on physiology and developmental stages. This creates age appropriate exercise categories for youth in the pre-pubescent, pubescent, and post-pubescent age groups.

Celeste has been working with youth of all ages in both group and private settings for over 15 years.  With the publication of ‘Pilates for Children and Adolescents, a Manual of Guidelines and Curriculum’ that she directed and co-authored for the Pilates Method Alliance, she is eager to share her knowledge and expertise not only with Pilates teachers, but with all practitioners that work with the youth populations – in physical education, sports specific training, and physical therapy.


She offers workshops and trainings that are both general and specialty driven for the practitioner.  These workshops and trainings will prepare the respective practitioner for the needs of the youth groups they work with and enable them to create foundational, safe, functional, and effective programming that enhances any program or practice.

  • Book Now Available: ‘Pilates for Children and Adolescents’ – co-author of the first comprehensive training manual for safely teaching Pilates to the Youth population - click here to purchase the book PMA shop by clicking here.

  • Private lessons at studio, Pilates Staten Island: specialized one-on-one lessons for youth. The students in this environment include, elite athletes and youth involved in specialized sports training, youth with post-rehabilitative needs, or special needs.

  • ZOOM lessons available during pandemic!

  • CEC Workshops:4 and 6 hour PMA approved CEC workshops for Pilates Teachers.

  • Consulting – Skype/in person: This is individualized consulting and training for individuals looking to work with youth in whatever the environment. The work is tailored to the needs of the training client and their clientele. 

Know Me Cards

Inside this beautiful box of Know Me Cards, we hope to bring you joy in getting to know yourself and your world on a deeper, more meaningful level.  Some of the wonderful things the cards suggest, inspire, question, and reflect upon, make you stop and think about your life and how "Know Me" will help you be the best YOU ever.  "Know Me" will make a difference in the lives of those you care about - including Yourself!

Use these fun illustrated cards for exploration, learning, and discovery of both your inside and out.

Get your Digital Copy today.

The Lift Program

The Movement System for a Fit Pelvic Floor.
Discover how to improve your pelvic floor function and posture.

Lift-Pro is a functional movement system that will enhance pelvic floor function and overall posture.

Lift-Pro is designed to optimize natural movement, tension /release, patterns to re-engage and/or release the pelvic floor as a part of the whole body.  Isolating muscles (i.e. kegels) is only a small part of a functional, organic, integrated body system.  The program uses awareness techniques, natural, therapeutic, and Pilates based exercises.


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