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About Me

Inspiring Change


My name is Celeste Hope and I am a wellness coach: Pilates expert, trainer, natural foods chef, Reiki master, and healer.  My personal wellness journey started when I was a kid. Despite being born with aortic insufficiency and having suffered other traumas to my lungs, I always had a love for exercise, muscles, athletic performance, and healthy eating.  I was a professional dancer into my 20s, studied and competed in Tae Kwon Do, trained and became a trainer at the gym, and learned to have a love/hate relationship with running.  During my late 20s after leaving a prestigious job at New York’s premier investment bank, I worked as a personal trainer and covered Yoga and Pilates classes at the gym when necessary.  With nothing more than the knowledge from my at home practices of yoga and Pilates and my understanding of the body and it’s best mechanics, I applied what I knew and became a sought after teacher in the gym.  Without the expert training in Pilates, specifically, the gym agreed to send me for comprehensive Pilates training and personal training instruction because they knew I brought in clients and got results. That was the start of my PIlates journey that turned into a Private practice for the past 20 years. I was later on diagnosed with lupus (undifferentiated connective tissue disease). I determined to reverse the disease in my body naturally and through dietary changes and reiki healing, along with my other healthy lifestyle habits, and was able to put the lupus in complete remission. I became a reiki master over a number of years, and decided to become a natural foods chef, studying at the former legendary Natural Gourmet Institute.



Celeste specializes in “perceptive movement analysis.” With her unique ability to analyze how her clients move (or don’t move) through visual and tactile measures, she's been successful in changing posture and body shape, post-rehabilitative recovery, and overall wellbeing and health improvements. It can’t be denied that the improvements come from the genius method of Joseph Pilates' body Contrology. Celeste has been teaching since 1999 and calls her work the Integrated Classical Pilates Method (ICPM). The work is defined by the classical vocabulary with additional emphasis from contemporary methodologies.  Celeste teaches both nationally and internationally and is available for mentoring, workshops, and intensive trainings with all allied professionals and movement educators.