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Pilates For Youth
Youth Exercise Training

Celeste specializes in teaching Pilates for the youth population – this means children 5 – 12 and adolescents 13- 18. Celeste believes that the principles that influenced the protocols for teaching Pilates to this population are the foundation for all exercise and sporting practice for Youth and encourages healthy habits and posture for life.  This means that the guidelines based on physiology and development that are behind the protocols for the Pilates repertoire chosen for each respective age category of youth in the pre-pubescent, pubescent, and post-pubescent age groups are the basis for functional and foundational movement for any physical activity of these ages – whether day to day activity and play or structured elite sporting activity.


Celeste has been working with youth of all ages in both group and private settings for over 15 years.  With the publication of Pilates for Children and Adolescents, a Manual of Guidelines and Curriculum’ that she directed and co-authored for the Pilates Method Alliance, she is eager to share her knowledge and expertise not only with Pilates teachers, but with all practitioners that work with the youth populations – in physical education, sports specific training, and physical therapy.


She offers workshops and trainings that are both general and specialty driven for the practitioner.  These workshops and trainings will prepare the respective practitioner for the specific needs of the youth groups they work with and enable them to create foundational, safe, functional, and effective programming that enhances any program or practice.


  • Book Now Available: ‘Pilates for Children and Adolescents’ – co-author, the first comprehensive training manual for safely teaching Pilates to the Youth population in alliance with the Pilates Method Alliance.  The book may be purchased at the PMA shop by clicking here

  • Private lessons at the studio, Pilates Staten Island: specialized one-on-one lessons for youth. The students in this environment include, elite athletes and youth involved in specialized sports training, youth with post-rehabilitative needs, or special needs.

  • Training program: Please contact Celeste directly at for all training and workshop information.

  • CEC Workshops: 4 and 6 hour PMA approved CEC workshops for Pilates Teachers.

  • Consulting – Skype/in person: This is individualized consulting and training for individuals looking to work with youth in whatever the environment. The work is tailored to the needs of the training client and their clientele.

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