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Mission Statement

At Pilates Staten Island it is our mission to bring each client on a transformational physical and personal journey.  We want to convey that Contrology (Pilates) is much more than a “workout”.  We strive to maintain a nurturing and eductional environment where each client, regardless of whether they are in a private lesson or small mat class, receives an experience in their own personal movement.  We know and honor that everyone develops at their own pace.  As such, we are committed to offering private apparatus lessons and small mat classes where the individual matters.  We require that each client be committed and dedicated to their personal practice.  It is through consistency and true learning of the work that progress and change happen.  Your commitment and dedication is to yourself! 

It is our job to guide and nurture each client.  We are committed to your personal practice. 


We are committed to your personal transformation!  Contrology is a practice for LIFE!
It reveals much about ourselves.  When we commit to the practice of Contrology, we realize that there is never a “quick fix” to anything that matters.  We matter.  Our bodies matter.  Our minds matter.  Contrology unlike many other forms of exercise, looks at the whole body, the whole person.  We begin to understand ourselves differently.  We see ourselves differently.  We present ourselves differently.

Contrology is a practice that can be continued as we age.  When we practice Contrology there is no age limit.  In fact, we often get better with age!  It is a progressive practice.  The more consistent we are the better able we are to execute the work.  Our joints get better, instead of worse.  Our muscle tone improves and most importantly our spines get straighter and our breathing improves.  As Mr. Pilates said, “We are only as old as our spines.  If our spines are inflexibly stiff at 30 we are old.  If they are completely flexible at 60, we are young!”

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