• celeste.zopich

The Importance of Reiki During Covid-19 Pandemic

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

What is Reiki and why would something like Reiki be important at a time like


Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes healing and encourages stress reduction and relaxation. Rei - stands for universal and Ki - stands for life energy/life force. Combined Rei-ki is defined as universal life force. It is a combination of spiritual consciousness with life energy and in practice it becomes spiritually guided life energy healing. This healing has the ability to impact our physical body, emotions, mental, and spiritual states of being.

Reiki is not a religion, it is a practice. It is a practice that helps both the practitioner and the receiver. I have an interesting story because I learned Reiki and became a Reiki Master in private instruction with my two teachers who were Catholic nuns. Their ministry was healing and Reiki was a perfect addition to support the service they committed to in their order. I mention this because people are often surprised when I tell them. The point is that Reiki is for everyone and is not in conflict with any religious beliefs or practices. Reiki is a gift that all of us have access to if we choose the path. In fact, if we have strong religious or spiritual beliefs, the practice of Reiki enhances and deepens those beliefs. If we are not "religious" but are "spiritual" it likewise enhances and deepens our connections. It opens our pathways for living our fullest lives and gives us a means to care for others around us. Reiki energy guides itself with it's own wisdom - it is not the result of the practitioner. The practitioner is simply the conduit that the energy flows through for the highest good and intentions that are set. What sets Reiki apart from other healing practices is a process called the "Attunement" that is unique to Reiki. The "Attunement" is given to the practitioner by the Reiki Master whereby they become linked to the Reiki source. Their energy pathways are adjusted to allow the channeling of the Reiki energy for the rest of their lives.

People then wonder how Reiki actually works and what happens. Essentially we are all alive because we have life energy or Ki (Chi) flowing through us. When this energy is disrupted it causes blocks in the organs and tissues of the physical body and can cause physical illness. It is vitally important to note that when we have negative thoughts and feelings our Ki (Chi) is disrupted in a way that impacts not only our conscious and subconscious minds but also our organs and tissues. The disruptions can become blockages in the system and/or diminished flow of life energy. When a person receives a Reiki treatment, the Rei- part of Reiki, the universal consciousness, assesses where the blocks and diminished flow is in the person and sends the energy to the areas where it is most needed. Reiki charges the person with positive energy and raises the vibration of the person to encourage the negative energies to be released or melted away. The receiver often feels hot or cold sensations in their body as these negative energies are being addressed. Once the blockages are addressed and the life energy Ki (Chi) is able to flow freely, fully, and naturally, the physical body organs and tissues are able to hasten their healing process. This process is most easily described here for the body - but also applies to the Ki (Chi) that resonates with our emotional/mental/spiritual aspects.

During times stress and anxiety, during periods of physical illness or trauma, whe