The "Gifts" of Covid

Updated: May 14, 2020

Before everyone thinks I am totally crazy to call anything related to Covid a "gift", please realize that light always emerges from any darkness and obstacles and challenges in our lives are platforms for positive growth and/or new opportunities. What I will refer to in this post are the opportunities for growth and change that are now brought to the surface as a result of this Covid situation.


GIFT 1: Value of Health

Do you know that the body is made up of trillions of viruses and bacteria that are part of our natural physiological environment?

One of the things that has become abundantly clear during this "pandemic" is that our health is not something to take for granted. Many people are finally realizing that countries like the United States have some of the unhealthiest people on the planet considering the high levels of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other significant health conditions. What we are hearing daily is that the large percentage of fatalities related to Covid occurs in those that have one or more underlying condition.

This is a transitional moment in history! It is a moment for us to take charge of our health and our lives. Only we have the power to do that as individuals. We have to make the choice and do the work. for it? Yes, we have to work for it. Nothing in life that is valuable or meaningful comes without putting the time, effort, and energy into it.

Consider if it natural for people to be "unhealthy"? Or, if it Is inevitable that people become "unhealthy"? Are we destined to be the pawns in a medical mill and agenda that thrives off of the 'dis-ease' state of our physical selves? The answer to the first question is short and concise, NO. It is not natural for people to be unhealthy. The body actually strives to keep itself in a state of health as opposed to dis-ease. The answer to the second question is also a short answer, NO. It is not inevitable that people become unhealthy. That is, unless we lead lifestyles that support the development of dis-ease. What this means is that we individually have the power to protect our health and avoid being unhealthy or die of a large swath of diseases that are the norm today. If the body wants to maintain a state of health and we support its natural process toward that goal, then we will support living in health. Many people blame their genes on their health conditions. It has been proven over and over again that genes are not the cause of dis-ease. We are the master of our genes. One of the most simple expressions that relays this is, "genetics loads the gun and lifestyle pulls the trigger". It is not inevitable that we will get heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. if a family member has or had it. And it is not inevitable for us to die from these diseases if we do present with them. Doctors like Dr. Fred Bisci and Dr. Rashid Buttar have lectured and written extensively on this topic. Dr. Fred Bisci published "Your Healthy Journey" and Dr. Rashid Buttar has published "The 9 Ways to Keep the Doctor Away". These publications teach how each and every person has the God given right and ability to develop and maintain health. They specifically teach you what you need to leave out of your life and diet and further that with what you benefit from having in your life and diet. Pam Popper from Wellness Forum Health has also lectured and written extensively on this topic with significant data and research to support the premise. Her book "Food over Medicine" is another great read and can open many eyes.


Gift 2: Value of Spirit

Do you know that fear and negative beliefs suppress the immune system?

Another thing has become abundantly clear during this pandemic is that our beliefs and spirituality are of utmost importance for our health and wellbeing. Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of "Biology of Belief", is an expert in this matter. With reference to this Covid situation we have another opportunity for positive growth, in the spiritual realm. No matter what your personal spiritual belief systems are or are not, we are again at a transformative moment in history. We are reminded day in and day out of death, tragedy, suffering, and isolation. We are told everyday that we have to stay in for fear of getting the virus or giving it to another. We are told to wear masks. We are told that the virus will not go away unless we have a vaccine. We are told it lives on our shoes and surfaces and that it lives in the air. We are told that we have to isolate to "flatten the curve" and then that we have to continue to isolate to "defeat the virus". Hearing this and experiencing this day in and day out has led many individuals to wake each day and go to sleep each night in fear. Whether you believe everything you are told or not, the day to day experience that is perpetuated by the news and many of the "leaders" is one that promotes a daily existence of fear. in fear suppresses the immune system! (As does putting healthy people in quarantine, as does wearing masks),

So how does "The Biology of Belief" and spirituality fit in to this and how is this situation a "gift"? This is an unprecedented time and unless each and everyone of us realize that the power of our thoughts and beliefs impact our biological cellular health we are missing out on an opportunity to transcend this situation. Positive prayers and affirmations, especially those shared and communicated with others, for the benefit of each other and our planet, actually have a positive energetic vibration that is more powerful than the negativity that is being promoted through fear. We all need to turn our attention away from the negative, from the dark, and turn our attention to the light. Many of you might say that is ridiculous considering the scope of the situation and the economic and personal devastations that have occurred. However, I remind you all that quantum physics states that the universe is nothing more than vibrating strings of energy. Fear vibrates at a low frequency in our cells. Light and love vibrate at a higher and more health supportive frequency. We have the power to transmute the fear vibration into something much more powerful and expansive through positivity and prayer, thinking and sending light and love, sharing the ideas of light and love, which have a much higher vibration than fear. This is our chance to re-evaluate our beliefs and our spiritual selves and develop daily practices that bring our conscious minds into the moment. There are many ways to do this, the important thing is not so much the way you choose, but that you actually take the time each day to do it. You will feel better and that will reflect on your family and your community and ultimately the planet!


I have decided to stick to these two specific "gifts" from the Covid situation, despite the fact that there are others we can consider, because I feel that these are the two most important things for us to take charge of at this moment. The first two gifts will help us be in a better mental and physical place to consider Gift 3: Value of our U.S. Constitution, and the importance of our remembering our God given and American rights during this time of "crisis".

We cannot and should not accept living with poor health or disease states and likewise we need to be reminded that we have the right to make choices for our personal health and well being. Typical Western medicine practices, though they have some merits, do not promote and/or support people taking charge of their lives and health. Healthy people don't make other people sick and healthy people don't get sick and die from being within 6 feet of one another. In order to change this and never let it happen again, we as individuals must learn how to live healthy lives. We have to take charge of our health. The books mentioned above are a great step in understanding the true power we have in this matter. We are standing on a precipice and need to jump into a new way of living that is not one of fear and isolation, but rather health and joyful living. If we choose it, we can live it!

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