• celeste.zopich

Open to Awakening - NOW

Why we need to open our hearts and minds to light and love during the current crisis of humanity.

We are living in a time where EVERYONE is desperately searching for the truth and for guidance in our lives. Contradictions abound. Lies abound. Fear abounds. Division abounds. Hatred abounds.

Do you believe everything you hear and see?

Do you accept everything you hear and see?

Do you trust everything you hear and see?

How do you know what you believe, accept, and trust are real and the truth?

What would have to happen for you to question what you hear, see, and believe as truth?

What would happen to you personally if you did question what you heard, saw, and believed as truth and realized everything you believed and trusted was not what you thought?

Consider that everything that has been very visible to us through the media specifically at this time has been to create both fear and division.

Do you buy into the fear element created by Covid-19? Do you support the divisive element of the rallies of the BLM movement?

The real insidious part is that t