Open to Awakening - NOW

Why we need to open our hearts and minds to light and love during the current crisis of humanity.

We are living in a time where EVERYONE is desperately searching for the truth and for guidance in our lives. Contradictions abound. Lies abound. Fear abounds. Division abounds. Hatred abounds.

Do you believe everything you hear and see?

Do you accept everything you hear and see?

Do you trust everything you hear and see?

How do you know what you believe, accept, and trust are real and the truth?

What would have to happen for you to question what you hear, see, and believe as truth?

What would happen to you personally if you did question what you heard, saw, and believed as truth and realized everything you believed and trusted was not what you thought?

Consider that everything that has been very visible to us through the media specifically at this time has been to create both fear and division.

Do you buy into the fear element created by Covid-19? Do you support the divisive element of the rallies of the BLM movement?

The real insidious part is that the fear created about the virus for the sake of protecting the public and the divisiveness of the BLM movement for the sake of supporting a cause, both lower our vibrations as humans. Neither are for the greater good that the proponents of both causes claim. Naturally, most of us want to do the right and good thing in both cases, but most of us don't realize that by towing the line and accepting the Agendas of others that pretend to have a noble causes for the "benefit of the greater good" and "those that have been living at the hands of injustice" have an Agenda that is far greater than these minutes in time that are actually distractions from our true humanity and grace. We think we are "saving lives" or "being the cause", but have we actually considered the who, what, and why of what is before us?

What I mean is, any Agenda (whether it is called an agenda or not) that has at its root, at its base, the creation of fear and/or the creation of hatred/division is not for the good of any. These types of agendas perpetuate more unrest and do not lead to equality or freedom or fairness or safety. Fear creates bad choices. Hatred and division create bad choices. Both create an "us vs them" mentality. When people are divided and living with these low vibrational qualities they can be CONQUERED!

Divide and Conquer is how wars are started and won. The more we as humans are divided from our humanity - for any reason - the easier we are to conquer by those with the Agendas.

Before you sign on and believe, trust, and follow, everything that is before you.......consider who truly gains from what is being spouted and if it is really in the best interest of humanity.

Before you sign on and believe, trust, and follow, everything that is before you.....consider if the causes and actions are truly in line with the teachings of Christ or the essence of the Creator/God. We as humans can be easily swayed and tempted by Satan under the guise of protection, safety, equality, and justice.

The only way to truly determine the "truth" in any situation is to sit in quiet, meditate, or pray and listen to the truth that comes from the guidance and wisdom that is always there. The challenge is that we have to let go of our own fear and hatred and anger to hear it and know it. We must awaken our inner selves to the image of the Creator we are made in. We must question what is around us and try to connect the dots that are kept from us. When things are so simple and straight forward and easy to buy into and believe, when they fuel us with fear and anger in the name of safety and/or justice, they are usually the works of darkness. This is so because they feed off the darkness inside ourselves. The things we don't want to face (specifically death) are the things darkness thrives on and our own fears, anger, hatred, and willingness to divide ourselves feed the beasts that have no real interest in anything other than power and control.

There are many ways to turn to the light and live in the light. The first step to waking up is simply beginning to question what is before you. We must each learn to live our own lives from LOVE, not in a hokey, woo woo way, but to truly envision ourselves in the image of the Creator we are made in, with thoughts, actions, and beliefs that raise us to our highest and best potential as humans, not only for ourselves, but for all of humanity to benefit from.


The author is a reiki master healer, chef graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute, and Pilates instructor. She does her healing work with private clients and also teaches privately and in workshop settings. Visit

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